Vision & Mission

The Jodhpur School of Public Health (JSPH) recognizes that the public health system in India and South Asia region are marred by double-burden of infectious and increasing non-communicable diseases.JSPH envisions branches all over India with JSPH Institute headquarters in Jodhpur. We, through our multiple branches, wish to effectively contribute in enhancing the quality of life of National and International citizens and influence public health practice and policies through research, education and training.

The objectives of JSPH are:

  • To be a catalyst for a vibrant public health system through responsive research, education and training in epidemiology, data management, and public health.
  • To impart highest quality and innovative public health education by offering B.Sc. Public Health, Masters of Public Health (MPH) and Masters in Hospital Administration (MHA) programmes and related doctoral programmes.
  • To enhance the applied public health research capacity (including monitoring and evaluation skills) of public health practitioners in India and abroad
  • To improve knowledge of public health and influence government policies through research, communication and advocacy.

We wish to accomplish our mission by:

  • Working with national and international partners in health research with effective use of innovative state-of-art technologies
  • Aligning our research with all key stakeholders to generate and implement evidence-based health strategies for effective and efficient health systems
  • Setting standards in public health education that would emphasize professionalism, leadership and cooperation, and analytic thinking as core competencies.
  • Strengthening human resources for public health services through education and training.
  • Providing a setting for applied learning with emphasis on community engagement and the power of strategic, analytic thinking to guide public health action.

Core values that are our strength:

  • Excellence - We strive to reach the highest standards in research, education and training activities. We execute institutional duties with integrity, discipline, dedication and high-quality.
  • Accountability - We recognize and respond to the public health needs of the community and act responsibly while carrying out institutional activities.
  • Team spirit - We encourage and maintain camaraderie and complement each others strengths.
  • Equity - We hope to benefit disadvantaged and underserved populations and concerned stakeholders as beneficiaries of research and education.