About Us:

Jodhpur School of Public Health (JSPH) is one of the foremost public health schools in the South Asian region offering post graduate education, training and research in public health. Over the years, JSPH has become a center of excellence in offering training and capacity development in rural public health, drug policy and human rights, tobacco control, nutrition and mHealth. In recent years, JSPH has forged academic partnership with the University of Washington at Seattle and offering its online courses in leadership and management. JSPH has also formed academic linkages with Harvard University and MIT.

Catering to students from across Asia, JSPH is committed not only to excellence in teaching and research but also building capacity of the next genera on public health professionals. At present, JSPH is considered as one of the pioneering center in teaching public health and creating public health leaders of tomorrow in Asia. JSPH has addressed diverse public health concerns by providing excellence in teaching, training and research. Being in the field of creating new age public health leaders, JSPH imparts best quality education and training and has so far trained hundreds of alumni representing 12 countries.

JSPH has various projects under its umbrella apart from running various academic courses. The JSPH faculty includes educators and public health leaders from India and around the world. This adds to the richness of the public health education at JSPH.

JSPH provides academic services to various institutions and are currently proud knowledge partners of Maulana Azad University, Jodhpur and Poornima University, Jaipur, Rajasthan. It provides a plethora of academic programs such as MPH (Master of Public Health), MHA (Master of Hospital Administration), MPHN (Masters in Public Health Nutrition), MPH ( Honors), MPH ( Global Health) , PhD in Public Health and respective PG Diplomas, Diplomas and certificate courses.