JSPH offers the following courses at its Jodhpur Campus:

  1. BSc Public Health
  2. MPH-Master of Public Health
  3. MHA-Master of Hospital Administration
  4. PhD in Public Health
  5. Diploma and Certificate Courses


Through the application of a wide range of information and analytical skills, Ph. D. students of JSPH will have the chance to conduct research with experienced and world renowned faculty members on the most demanding public health queries of our time.

The prime objective of the Ph. D. programme in Public Health is to provide research scholars with strong academic knowledge and skills required to contribute to the development and improvement of our understanding of public’s health issues and challenges. Students who complete the Ph.D. program will generate new evidence through a detailed understanding of the theoretical foundations of public health challenges, research methods, and their application to current and evolving trends in the sphere of global public health.

Ph.D. scholars of JSPH will be trained to lead independent research careers in public health institutions, international agencies and to teach at masters levels and guide future research scholars in universities and institutes.